Specialty Hose

We manufacture a wide variety of hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial hose to almost any specification possible. From the smallest of projects to the largest of orders, we will help you design, build and kit your industry needs.


We believe in building quality in its highest form.  Our ISO 9001 processes is setting new standards to better meet the needs of our customers. Our strive for quality is also why we trust in Parker hydraulic hose.  This innovative and renowned hose technology provides our customers with the reliability and integrity our industry demands.

Production to Your Specification

Onsite Hose Building

Need a hose supplier?  We design and manufacture industrial hose to your needed specifications.  With a massive variety of hose fittings and hose in stock, there is no order that is too large or too small. We ship internationally, so contact us today and let us take care of your hydraulic and pneumatic hose needs.

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Hydraulic hose assemblies, ready on a cart and waiting to be put into action.
quarter inch hydraulic hose with a rating of three thousand psi waiting to be packaged.

Had a breakdown?  Bring us your bad hose and we will make you a new one.  All of our Parkerstore locations have the ability to match the design and need of your used hose, allowing you to walk out with a new custom-made hose in hand ready to get back to work.  Find a location and let us take care of you today!

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Specialty hose assembly with rare end fittings. Old and new replacement.
Parker Store representative, handing customer a completed hose assembly.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Hyspeco Parker Store representative standing confidently and ready to help.


Start by speaking with one of our Parkerstore or Customer Service teammates so we can build what is right for you.

Parker Hose assembly blue print.


Our engineers will design the hose combination to your desired specifications free of charge.

Thumbs up and ready to go.


The hose design is verified with you before it is sent to manufacturing to ensure quality and precision.

Hyspeco technician diligently assembling hose.


The flexibility of our production line allows for orders of all sizes.  Each of our teammates builds to quality standards in a time-efficient manner.

Mass quantity of beautiful hose assemblies.


We will kit and package to your desired requirements, urgently shipping your order in accordance with our on-time shipping methods.

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