Offering A Variety Of Services To Suit Every Need

Vendor Managed Inventory - Bin Stocking Photo

Our VMI Specialists assist in building an inventory stock out system that is proven to reduce on hand inventory and company overhead. Knowledgeable in industry related product and logistical efficiency, your Hyspeco specialist will develop a drop off schedule based on your immediate requirements. Deliveries can be scheduled monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or sooner. Representatives will arrive outfitted to fill your stock demands, double check current inventory, relay any updates on current inventoried product, or drop off any customized orders.

Dedicated to out deliver the competition, we go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of every time. Contact us to get started.

Vendor Managed Inventory - On-site Training Photo

We provide you with a fluid power relationship that includes on-site training of industry products and processes:

  • Parker Hose Specification
  • Hose Assembly Training
  • Hose Routing
  • Thread Identification
  • Pressure Fluid Injection
  • Dry Technology

Training can be conducted in may different forms and is not limited to the above subjects. Please contact for more info. Click here to request training.

Vendor Managed Inventory - Cost Savings Photo
  • Fewer overhead man hours to maintain stock
  • Fewer purchase orders created (i.e. blanket PO’s, fewer vendors)
  • Less in-house inventory
  • Smaller footprint due to reduction of inventory
  • Shortened overall/average downtime due to fewer stock outs
  • Efficiency increases due to process mapping of point of use stock

Cost savings can range depending on stock usage, please consult our solution representatives for more details.

Vendor Managed Inventory - On-Site Support Photo

As an employee owned company we understand the value of support, this is why our VMI Specialist offer on-site assistance. Hyspeco representatives provide input on manufacturing efficiency, service updates/scheduling, technological industry advances, customer support and more. We have a proven history of providing manufacturing techniques and assistance in the forecast of needed inventory amounts.