Parker hydraulic, pneumatic, hard line tubing, pressure, motion control and stainless steel fittings components.


A service of labor that reduces overhead costs and streamlines manufacturing.

The reason our customers trust us to build their products is because we treat them like family and we understand the passion it takes to bring a finished product to the hands of a customer.  Our strive for creation within our industry knows no limits, and this is why we are the best at what we do. It is the chase for perfection that has carved our processes into a well oiled engine and our ISO 9001:2015 certification that proves our commitment to quality and continuous practice of process improvement.  This is the recipe which we build your success.

Design Team

Our fully functional design team aids in finding manufacturing inefficiencies.  We then engineer an assembly process based on customer specifications and train our assembly staff on how to most efficiently store, assemble and package your product so it arrives at your facility according to your specifications.

Accuracy – ground breaking precision
Process Improvement – thorough design that brings efficiency

Custom Production Line

We communicate extensively with our customers to understand their productions needs.  With a fully staffed production facility and on-time business model, we provide our customers with quality components while also reducing their overhead and labor costs.

Efficiency – world class cost savings
Logistics – flexible workforce for large and small quantities

Quality Control

Each major step of assembly is methodically broke down and double checked.  Our QA systems are proven to produce 95% or better external quality and our ISO 9001 certification shows our dedication to quality improvement.

Perfection – never achieved but always chased
Customer Service – is the foundation on which we strive