Our Hyspeco ParkerStore Advantage Rewards program allows customers to earn points when purchasing any “While You Wait” hose assembly. What is a “While You Wait” hose assembly? Any hose assembly that is purchased on-site at one of our locally owned Hyspeco ParkerStores is considered “While You Wait”.

 These points can be used to purchase Hyspeco/Parker gear or to save up to 10% on a purchase when checking out with a fully punched card.

Image of Single Dri-Duck Coats

Single Dri-Duck Coat

This Hyspeco branded Dri-Duck coat is perfect for any cold weather condition. This breathable jacket is competent in wet, cold, and snowy environments acting as a furnaced torso tent when you are out hunting bears. Odds are that, when you are climbing mount Everest, this will be the only piece of clothing you will need. Let’s face it, britches are for millennials.

Advantage Cards Needed to Purchase = 6

Total Card Punches = 108

Coffee Tumbler
Image of Single R-TIC Coffee Tumbler

Single R-TIC Coffee Tumbler

These 20 oz. RTIC coffee tumblers are perfect for keeping your scalding liquids at lava like temperatures for hours. Not to mention the matte coating that will help protect the finish of your mug while you effortlessly arm wrestle a Norwegian lumberjack…. and win. These are not machine washables so man up and don’t forget to do the dishes.

Advantage Cards Needed to Purchase = 2

Total Card Punches = 36

Ball Cap
Image of Hyspeco Rewards Ball Caps

Ball Caps

Choose between these two Hyspeco and ParkerStore quality snap-back ball caps. Proven to assist in keeping the sun out of your eyes, these ball caps are perfect for sporting events, summer cookouts, fishing trips, and covering up your bald spot. These items are popular, so be sure to save up your points because they won’t last long.

Advantage Cards Needed to Purchase = 1

Total Card Punches = 18

Pocket Knife
Image of Hyspeco Rewards Buck Pocket Knife

Buck Pocket Knife

Are you looking for an American version of a throwing star? Because you just found it! This ParkerStore branded Buck Knife will be your newest sidekick effectively aiding in all of your adventures. Adventures you ask? Yes…..adventures. Like battling a T-rex or opening those bills that we all know are false. Did price per Kilowatt go up??!

Advantage Cards Needed to Purchase = 1

Total Card Punches = 18

Image of Hyspeco Rewards MAGLITE Flashlight


This Hyspeco branded MAGlite is so bright it would blind the sun. With a Lumen measurement of 168 and weighing in at almost 1 pound this thing is basically a weapon. I bought one of these for my wife…. and let me tell ya, you do not want to get hit with this.

Advantage Cards Needed to Purchase = 3

Total Card Punches = 54

Grill Set
Image of Hyspeco Rewards Grill Set

Grill Set

This is a compact set of tools in the form of freedom. The freedom to escape the indoors and grill where the sun is plenty and food is warm! Boasting a durable design and a sleek finish, this grill set would satisfy Gordan Ramsey himself.

Advantage Cards Needed to Purchase = 3

Total Card Punches = 54