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IoT Solutions for Reliability Engineers

Parker SensoNODE Starter Kit

If you are a reliability engineer you are responsible for guiding efforts to ensure reliability and maintain equipment, processes, utilities, facilities, controls and safety /security systems. You are the one charged with identifying and managing risks to your plant’s operation, with the primary role of keeping machinery like robots, presses, pumps, precision CNCs and assembly

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How to Save Money and Downtime with ParkerStore Maintenance Services

While “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (thank you Ben Franklin!) we might say today, “a dollar of prevention is worth many thousands of dollars of downtime, shortened asset life, repair and maintenance costs and decreased productivity.” (A little long, but it’s true!) When it comes to your hydraulic systems, there

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Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers May Be Used on a Golf Course or Field Near You

Commercial Robotic Lawn Mowers

The history of commercial robotic lawnmowers is one that includes a few fits and stops. The cost has been a primary deterrent to the adoption of automated technology, especially for cash-strapped municipalities and smaller golf courses. However, that may be starting to change. As automation has gotten better, it also has become more affordable

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Learn How to Make Your Predictive Maintenance “Smarter”

Predictive Maintenance

With the onset of Industry 4.0, factory and production environments are adopting industrial networks to become more connected and intelligent. This is largely driven by the need for better performance, increased efficiency, and improved productivity. Adding intelligence to machines gives the opportunity to implement

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Maximizing Wind Farm Performance to Produce More Energy at Less Cost

Maximizing Wind Farm Performance to Produce More Energy at Less Cost | Wind Turbines | Parker Global

Although wind currently provides 5 percent of the world’s electricity, the growing push for renewables has led many scientists and engineers to predict that wind turbines may generate at least half of all power by 2050. That is not a given, however, as significant advances must first be made in understanding the atmosphere at higher

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