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2020 Overall Excellence Award: Hyspeco from the Wichita Business Journal

2020 Overall Excellence Award: Hyspeco from the Wichita Business Journal

What is the main product your company manufactures?

Hyspeco’s fabrication and engineering departments work seamlessly to bring modern technology into various industries and have continued to show innovation in building state-of-the-art Hydraulic Power Units. These industries include everything from aerospace to food and beverage companies. We partner with Fortune 500 Companies like Boeing, Spirit, and Siemens. Utilizing products like Sensonode that use cutting edge technology with the Internet of Things (IoT), we can maximize efficiency and help our clients to reduce downtime and get the most out of their equipment.

No job is too big. Hyspeco custom builds and repairs the most significant power units in the industry, which are mission-critical in daily operations for these companies. Engineered from top to bottom with safety as our top priority is an incredible feat. That is why we consistently deliver the best power units that outperform and outlast the competition. Our ISO 9001 certification allows us to provide safe products made to meet the highest and strictest standards across all industries.

Our units allow businesses to meet complex standards in an ever-changing world. We engineer and fabricate these to carry immense workloads in a vast array of different industries. We are proud to help companies large and small succeed with our expertise and knowledge in motion and fluid power.

What achievement or achievements led to your selection as a Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Distribution Awards winner in your categories?

Our most significant achievements to date are our Corporate Leadership and our Community involvement. Hyspeco’s leadership team has a tremendous task of how to keep operations safe and sales flowing during a pandemic. Hyspeco is proactive by coordinating and setting up groups that focus on the areas of distribution and production that keep our clients stocked with the desired inventory. Sales growth has been a challenge because we depend on products manufactured overseas. Parker has manufacturing facilities here in the states, so luckily, not all the products in our supply chain are affected. Like many other businesses, Hyspeco has worked with the government on PPP and small business loans. What our leadership team does best is simply to lead by example.

At Hyspeco, our leadership team shares an ownership culture creating the environment where our employees take ownership of their job duties and each of them to do what is in the best interest of the company. That is the beauty of our company. Being an ESOP, each employee is an owner, and we allow them the flexibility and the tools needed to do their job. We see them as experts in their field and enable them whatever they need to accomplish whatever task is in front of them. A portion of our office is working remotely, so our leadership team management style allows our team to thrive under these conditions. Our leadership team also understands the needs of our customers, and that without them, there would be no Hyspeco, and by taking care of their needs, no matter how large or small, that we will continue to grow along with them. Our clients and our employees’ safety are the most important things that we are focused on right now. There is nothing more important than that.

Is it difficult to find the workers you need?

Right now, we are finding that this is the right time to bring in talented individuals. Due to the circumstances, we are finding that there is an array of unique candidates that can do more with less. Candidates today don’t just specialize in one area of expertise, and they are technically and digitally savvy. We are finding that technology has allowed candidates to do more with less.

What do you look for when hiring someone to join your company?

Hyspeco looks for employees that can pick up the ball and run. Employees that are self-starters and who can intuitively understand their role and duties. Employees who are willing to go above and beyond not only see their department succeed but also every other department around them realize success. We are looking for real team players looking for ways to revolutionize business in new ways that are creative and innovative. More importantly, we are a faith-based company looking to help people and their families succeed and are passionate about everything they do.

How has technology changed the way you operate?

Technology has affected the way that Hyspeco operates. We rely heavily on Microsoft Teams for our day to day meetings, as a large part of our office is working remotely. It has genuinely facilitated a new paradigm in how each of us interacts with each other, but it has also allowed us to innovate new ways to reach our clients since a large portion of our client base is working remotely. We know that businesses must adapt to the ever-changing circumstances that are changing the way companies operate internally and externally. Hyspeco is no exception to that rule.

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